Cat and dog hair

Air purification against floating microhairs 

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Barely in the apartment, and here we go...

You know exactly what we are talking about. Barely in a room or a flat where cats or dogs are also at home and already the eyes turn red, the nose runs and the sneezing starts. 

From my own experience I can say, the NeutralAir air purifier works excellently.

I am in the situation myself that I am allergic to both types of hair at once. When I visit my in-laws, I always take the NeutralAir air purifier with me and can even be in the same room with the cats. Of course, the air purifier does not protect me from hairs lying around, but those from the air are removed, which makes my visits to the in-laws massively more pleasant. (Claude Haltiner, CEO)

Cleaning system of the NeutralAir air purifiers, achieves 99.9% neutral air