House dust mites

Air purification against house dust allergy

5% - 8% of the Swiss suffer from a house dust allergy. To be more precise, these are the house dust mites which enjoy themselves in the dust. Their excrements are the actual allergens and can be fought with our air purifier.

Am I allergic to house dust?

If you are accompanied by an itchy nose or sneezing when changing your duvet cover or dusting, it is very likely to be a dust mite allergy. The following symptoms are typical:

- cough
- heavy sneezing
- sniffles
- itchy or watery eyes
- swelling or redness of the skin

Can I do something about that?

Of course, our air purifiers can filter particles down to a size of 0.3 micrometres. This includes not only house dust, but also fine dust! It makes absolute sense to fight the cause instead of burdening the body with medication.  

Success so far: 

Our air purifier has already been tested by several allergy sufferers and is extremely satisfactory. The best result was achieved with a 38-year-old man. This man even showed more resistant behaviour in other households without our air purifier due to the constant reduction of the house dust.

Cleaning system of the NeutralAir air purifiers, achieves 99.9% neutral air