Fresh and healthy air for you

Turn your home, your office or simply your favourite place into an oasis where you can breathe deeply again. Free of pollen, house dust, bacteria, viruses or unpleasant odours. 

With our NeutralAir air purifiers.
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Overview of everything that is filtered

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Simple and fast UV-C air disinfection

Don't give infectious diseases like the flu a chance and disinfect the air with the integrated UV-C disinfection lamp.

No chemicals whatsoever!


Genuine recovery for afflicted allergy sufferers

We have dealt with the subject of hay fever very much. The strongest problem is the permanent exposure to allergens. If we had a pollen-free zone at home and at work, the walk in the evening or the trip to the lake would not be so bad.

With our air purifiers we achieve exactly this goal - so we can minimize or even eliminate your allergy at home and at work

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After only two days of continuous operation in my apartment with the Neutralair UV-C unit I thought I was dreaming... Breathing became easier from day to day and my irritations decreased. It became really ingenious when I placed an air purifier next to my workplace in the office. Of course I still notice the pollen-laden air outside, but since the irritations have greatly decreased, I no longer need to do anything else about it.

Melanie Huber
28 years, from Hinwil, Switzerland

Your advantages with NeutralAir

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5 stages of filtration

removes particles from the air, including bacteria, viruses, fine dust, pollen, mould, gases, odours and smoke

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safe and effective filter function, confirmed by comprehensive
CAS quality test

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99.97% True HEPA Filter

laboratory HEPA filter with 0.3um mesh size, filters all bacteria, pollen and fine dust particles

The filter set has a lifetime of approx. 1.5 years.

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Ideal for home and office

very quiet and energy-saving, with night sensor and air particle sensor for speed regulation

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UV-C light barrier

destroys viruses and organisms that pass through the HEPA filter

The UV-C lamp has a service life of approx. 2 years.

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Easy maintenance

Electronic filter monitoring

Prefilter is washable

Very long filter life (approx. 1.5 years)

How the neutralization works
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Effective 5-step principle

1. dust filter (washable)

2. formaldehydfilter 

3. activated carbon filter

4. HEPA high performance HEPA filter 0.3um micron

5. UV-C lamp with very strong, disinfecting, ultra-violet radiation

Cleaning system of NeutralAir air purifiers, achieves 99.9% neutral air

NeutralAir - The elite of air purifiers

Air purifier UV-C Power with 5-step cleaning system

Best suited for your home, office or practice. State-of-the-art technology and certified quality.

  Technical specification:

Power consumption max. (air filter)            max. 37W

Power consumption max. (UV-C lamp)       max. 4W

Air flow max.                                              290m3/hour

Recommended room size                          ca. 29m2

Volume max.                                              38dB

Voltage / Frequency                                  220V / 50Hz

Weight                                                       6kg (7.6kg shipping weight)

Dimensions (WxDxH)                                 33.6 x 20.0 x 61.8cm

Garnatie                                                    2 years                    

CE Declaration of Conformity

The device complies with the following standards:
EN 55014-1:2006+A1:2009+A2:2011
EN 55014-2:1997+A1:2001+A2:2008
EN 6100-3-3:2013
EN 61199:2011+A1:2013

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