Pollen allergy

Air purification against hay fever

1.2 million Swiss suffer from hay fever (pollen allergy). We were astonished that nobody has really taken care of those affected yet... Of course it is a challenge to clean the air well enough but now we have the solution. 

Eliminate the cause of hay fever

Why injections, tablets and other medicines? The pollen, we breathe in, are in the air. So it would be more sensible to clear the air of it than to pump chemicals into us. That is exactly what we will do from now on! And we do it very elegantly and quietly. In the last few years we have been very busy with hay fever and today we can minimize or even eliminate your allergy at home and at work with our air purifiers. Create a place for yourself where you can put tissues and nasal spray aside and turn your attention to more important things.

Don't give pollen a chance

Of course there are also allergies that cannot be eliminated with an air purifier, but hay fever is not one of them. Our devices neutralize up to 99.9% of the air. Unlike conventional air purifiers, we work with 5 filter stages, not just any 5 filters, but the most effective registers of filter technology. 

We mostly stay indoors

The problem with hay fever is the never-ending exposure of it. But if we had a pollen-free zone at home and at work, the walk in the evening or the trip to the lake would not be so bad. With our air purifiers we achieve exactly this goal, a place where you can relax.

That's what Melanie says:

Melanie Huber (28 years, from Hinwil, Switzerland): "I was lucky that an acquaintance helped develop the device. As a hay fever sufferer with red eyes, an open nose and now even asthma symptoms in the middle of summer, I was chosen to take part in the test. I was given two conventional air purifiers and the NeutralAir device. I tested each device for one month. With the conventional devices with one and two filters, I honestly suffered exactly the same. But already after two days of continuous operation in my apartment with the Neutralair UV-C unit I thought I was dreaming... Breathing became easier from day to day and my irritations decreased. It became really ingenious when I placed an air purifier next to my workplace in the office as well. Of course I still notice the pollen-laden air outside, but since the irritations have greatly decreased, I no longer need to do anything else about it. 

Cleaning system of the NeutralAir air purifiers, achieves 99.9% neutral air